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Compare Student Broadband Deals

Student life is supposed to run smoothly, but without good internet your studying (and partying) will be put on hold!

Top Deals For Student Broadband

Below are the best deals that we could find on student broadband:

  1. Sky
  2. BT Internet

What are the broadband deals available for students?

It is rare to find broadband products specifically packaged for students, but there are certain packages with features that make them appealing to a variety of students.


Consider the speed you need. Don’t forget social uses of the Internet, like streaming movies, and don’t forget that you may have roommates sharing your connection. Paying for a higher level package – but splitting the bill – may result in a better service for less that you would have paid for the cheap one.

Two or three people using the Internet for occasional streaming and regular email can get away with the cheapest packages. If there are heavy users in the house though (gamers, HD uploading and downloading, videoconferencing, etc.), you’ll want to step it up to fiber optic broadband (speeds from 50Mbps to 362Mbps).


Also consider how long you’ll need the service. If you are only at the school for eight months, is it worth paying for a year to get a lower monthly rate, or does it work out cheaper to pay more, but for less time? Add it up and see.


Consider whether you’ll need a land line or a TV package. Land lines are decreasing in use, but some buildings require them for the intercom door entry system. Don’t discount them just because they are bundles either – strange as it sounds, some bundles that include broadband are cheaper than buying the broadband alone!

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