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Compare Hotels

From a quick weekend getaway, to a long family holiday, we’ve got you covered with the best hotels around.

Find The Best Hotel For You Now

To start with, we recommend that everyone visits Trip Advisor and searches by the town they want to stay in, as we’ve found they consistently show the best rated hotels in the area for your budget.

How to Compare Hotels Properly

Hotel quality, luxury levels, and costs vary hugely. Like most people, you’ll probably want to determine how much you can afford per night, then search for the best possible room you can find for that price. This process is potentially frustrating, but our search system can take the stress out of it, and instead help you to generate excitement and anticipation. It feels less like searching for an obscure deal, and more like choosing from a list of great options.

Don’t limit your search to the rooms that match your maximum budget. There might be even better rooms, that cost a lot less. You might wind up paying well below your budget for rooms that are more luxurious or convenient than you were expecting. The money you save could allow an even better experience as you explore the destination, or it could stay in your bank account and go toward the next vacation – perhaps a little sooner than expected!

Remember to sort any list for the things that are most important to you. You might prioritize price, or reviews, or amenities. Location can also be a big factor in many cases – saving a few bucks and then having to spend half the day on a hot bus, for example, may not be the kind of value you want.

Check The Map

When making sure that you are close enough to the things you want to see, there are some tricks that might give you more success.

First of all, a map view of hotel locations is very useful. Consider the hotels that are closest to the desired attraction. If you find the right deal, you can step out of your room and into the place you travelled all that way to see.

Just because you don’t get one of these though, does not mean a lower quality of vacation. Sometimes a transit system can put you into the heart of things in just a few minutes of travel, and will allow you to stay in a hotel that is in a nicer area. For example, a hotel on a mountainside might have a fantastic view of the coastline and sparkling city below you, and a straight-shot shuttle from the lobby doors to the best beaches in the area. In that case, you have the best of both worlds.

Bus travel through an unknown city can also help you find sites and attractions you might not otherwise consider. Keep your eyes open as your bus makes its way to your primary destination and you might find a hidden restaurant, bar, or park that piques your interest.

Choose your hotel features

Your hotel room might just be the place you sleep so you can get back out into the area and explore. On the other hand, a good hotel can be a destination in itself, and you may enjoy lounging in luxurious bedding, taking advantage of room service or good restaurants, or the many amenities that some hotels offer.

Regardless of how you see the room, it’s important to know what it includes. Will you get a free breakfast, and during what hours will it be served? Is there free Internet in the room? In the lobby or business center? Shuttle services? Room service? Laundry or other services?

Make sure that check-in is available at the time you plan to arrive. It’s usually a good idea to find out what to do if you are late for your arrival time. If your flight is delayed, for example, or a taxi is caught in heavy traffic, will your room be held for you and will there be someone there to check you in when you arrive? Will restaurants be open, or will you have to find something to eat outside of the hotel? If outside, what is nearby that will suit? All of these are important questions.

With today’s flight carry-on restrictions, you may want to find out if things like shampoo and razors are provided. It’s also worth checking the room’s bed sizes, and whether it is a smoking or non-smoking room. Is there a view? Balcony? Mini-bar? Focus on what is important to you, and don’t worry about the rest – a great gym in a hotel makes no difference if you don’t plan to work out.

Start your vacation from the moment you begin to plan. Our comparison services should help make that not only a painless experience, but an exciting way to build anticipation and get a great deal.

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