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Get the perfect vacation package deal online, by comparing from the best providers below.

Top Vacation Package Deals

Here are our favourite vacation package deal providers, along with some popular options.

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About Vacation Packages

For some people, planning the vacation – the wheeling and dealing, the anticipation – is a lot of the fun, but if this seems like a lot of extra work to you, and you simply want someone who knows what they’re doing to find and secure a great vacation for you, then a package deal might be just what you’re looking for. Who knows? By buying a package deal, you might even save some money overall.

Tips for Booking a Cheap Vacation Package

In order to make it through the booking process with the greatest savings, and the best chance at getting the vacation you want, consider the following tips.

1. Be Flexible on Place

Sometimes there are great deals in a particular destination. If you go in with a specific place in mind, you may have to pay more. Concentrate on the type of experience you want, and be open to alternative locations. That way, you can get what you want out of the trip, and save money doing it.

2. Plan Far in Advance or Book Last Minute

Most people book vacations from one to three months in advance. If you go against these trends, you might be able to secure a great advance – or last-minute – deal. Keep an eye on prices well in advance, and if you see a great deal, you can jump on it. If you don’t see one, don’t worry, there is still the last-minute booking.

To reduce stress for last-minute bookings, book off the time well in advance, and save up the money. Have everything you can ready to go, and keep your mind open. When you’re two weeks out, scan the lists for deals and go for the one that most interests you.

3. Be Flexible on Time

Traveling during the off-season can save you a bundle in airfares and hotels. Even during the more popular vacation periods, being willing to shift the vacation forward or backward a few days can save you a bundle.

You may not be flexible when it comes to which days you can book off for vacation, but being willing to fly at different times of day can save you money too. Flying out late at night or very early in the morning will be cheaper. Flying on Fridays and Sundays is the most expensive, but a Tuesday or Wednesday flight can be hundreds of dollars cheaper, depending on your destination.

4. Be Flexible on Amenities

You may be able to find the perfect package for you, but if you can’t, be open to what it has to offer. This may mean accepting a different type of room, or it may mean going without a rental car, or arranging one on your own.

5. Bring a Friend (or Two)

Traveling alone can be peaceful and satisfying, but it is also usually more expensive. Prices are listed based on two people purchasing the package, so if you buy only one, you may have to pay a surcharge as well. A solution to this may be to bring a friend… or more than one!

6. Know That You Can Extend Your Dates

If your package has a certain time period – like a three-day weekend – find out if you can extend it. It is often great value to take a four- or five-day package and add a few days to it. You’ll still get the great rates on the flight and rooms, but by extending the vacation, you’ll increase that value even more.

7. Travel from a Major Airport Hub

If you are close enough to fly out of a major hub, like Dallas, LA, New York, etc., you’ll have a better chance at a great ticket deal. Because so many flights leave these airports, there is a greater chance that airlines will be trying to fill empty seats, and they do this by offering deals.

If you don’t live close to a hub, it’s worth checking those deals anyway. You might be able to fly there on a separate ticket and save money on the overall trip by taking advantage of a hub deal.

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