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Compare Pet Insurance Deals

Get the best deals for your new pet insurance, to make sure everything is covered at the best price.

Top Deals For Pet Insurance

About Pet Insurance

Unlike health insurance designed for people, pet insurance doesn’t cover everything that may happen to your pet. It often doesn’t cover regular check-ups, for example, or pre-existing conditions. Sometimes “pre-existing conditions” can include anything your vet notices up to 12 months from the time you first take out insurance. That can mean in some cases that you are paying for insurance a full year before it applies to certain ailments.

Not having pet insurance is very risky though. Your pet may have an expensive ailment, or need surgery for an injury – or you may even need coverage for something your pet does to another person, like a dog bite or damage to property.

It is important to read the fine print, and to secure the right pet insurance for you.

Medical & Wellness Coverage Choices

Our comparisons will help you find providers that offer the widest possible range of coverage options. These can include routine wellness check-ups, dental care, and insurance for mishaps and damage caused by your animal. In most cases these will be additional features and come with an additional cost, but it is important to be aware of what you might need, what the costs of those needs are, and to make an educated choice once you have all of the information.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any insurance provider, but the waiting period can vary a lot. If an ailment is discovered before this period is complete, it will not be covered (sometimes exceptions are made for hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions). Some policies have a two-week waiting period, but others can be as long as a year. Make sure you know which one you are buying, and that you are happy with it.

Learn About Pet Insurance Pricing

Once you know what it is you want, you can make a short list of the providers that offer it, and compare prices. Your quote will be unique, as it will take into account many factors, possibly including the type of animal, size, age and gender, where you live, and other factors.

A large dog, for example, is more likely to have certain medical needs than a small cat. The dog is also more likely to damage property or to bite someone. For that reason, most cats are less expensive to insure that most dogs.

The cheapest policy isn’t necessarily the best though. Consider all of the factors – including deductibles and veterinary provider limitations – and imagine several “worst-case” scenarios to determine if you are happy with taking on the risk associated with the details of the specific policy, or if you want more.

Don’t forget too that there is a cost even if your pet dies. It is not pleasant to think about, but if you look after the financial details now, using an insurance policy, then it may reduce the burden in the event of your pet’s death, and allow you to focus on getting through a difficult loss.

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